Catalogue of Documents Relating to the MOSAIC


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Items of outstanding interest are marked *.

These documents are Copyright. Crown Copyright material is reproduced by permission of the Controller of HMSO. Grateful acknowledgement is made to British Telecommunications plc.



NPL Executive Committee Minutes (4 pp. incomplete) 19 June 1951*



MOSAIC: The Store (55 pp. inc. diagrams and two appendices) 7 May 1954

MOSAIC: Carrier Circuits (30 pp. inc. diagrams and three appendices) 12 Nov 1954



MOSAIC: General Principles of Operation (48 pp. inc. diagrams and two appendices) 15 Oct 1955*

MOSAIC: The Electronic Circuitry (170 pp. inc. diagrams and two appendices) July 1955*

MOSAIC: Maintenance and Testing (52 pp. inc. diagrams and appendix) 29 Nov 1955



MOSAIC: Input/Output Equipment and List of References (34 pp. inc. diagrams) 4 May 1956





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